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Zelda: Skyward Sword plot details

Lays foundation for "rest of series".

Nintendo has detailed airborne Zelda adventure Skyward Sword's introductory hours and the initial faces Link will encounter on his latest quest.

Skyward Sword, described as "one of the biggest" projects "in the history of Nintendo software development", is a prequel to existing Zelda titles.

Story elements in the game "lay the foundation" for events that occur throughout the rest of the series, Nintendo said.

One such plot thread is the creation of the Master Sword, the series' iconic weapon that has been passed to numerous heroes throughout the franchises' 25-year history.

In Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda are childhood friends who have always shared a "special bond". Events in the game see the pair adding "even more depth to their relationship".

New characters include Groose, the local bully and Link's rival, who plays "a significant role" early in the game. He tries to best Link's bird-flying skills and muscle in on our hero's chances with Zelda. Never!

Zelda's father, Gaepora, is Link and Zelda's school headmaster. Players will refer to him for knowledge and information on the history of Skyloft.

Link's journey to assemble the Master Sword begins with him obtaining the Goddess Sword, the MotionPlus-controlled blade Link raises skyward throughout the game.

Inhabiting the Goddess Sword is its spirit, Fi, the blue caped figure initially revealed in the very first piece of Skyward Sword artwork revealed at E3 2009.

More than three years in the making, Skyward Sword finally arrives 18th November on Wii in Europe.

Skyward Sword's latest breathtaking trailer.