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Zeboyd Games' Cosmic Star Heroine launches on Kickstarter

Already confirmed for PS4, Vita, PC and Mac.

Cthulhu Saves the World and Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 & 4 developer Zeboyd Games has just launched a Kickstarter for its upcoming sci-fi RPG Cosmic Star Heroine.

You may remember that Zeboyd actually announced this title back in June, where it noted it would set up a Kickstarter campaign later this year. So here we are.

Scheduled for release next year on PS4, Vita, PC and Mac, Cosmic Star Heroine follows the exploits of recently outed spy, Alyssa L'Salle. Now lauded as a hero and celebrity, the limelight isn't all it's cracked up to be when Alyssa's fame makes her the target of every bad guy she's ever crossed.

Cosmic Star Heroine will feature turn-based combat, a four character party, 16-bit era graphics, animated cutscenes, multiple difficulty levels, an upgradeable spy headquarters, and a soundtrack by Hyperduck (Dust: An Elysian Tail, Precipice of Darkness 4).

Backers will be able to reserve a DRM-free copy of the game upon its December 2014 release for $10, though Zeboyd noted that it can't confirm European PSN codes at this time. It's only organised a deal with SCEA, but is currently working on setting something up with Sony Europe. $15 pledges come with a bonus digital strategy guide and wallpaper, while $20 secures all that and a copy of the soundtrack.

After only being live for a couple of hours, the Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter has raised $15,492 of its $100,000 goal with 29 days to go before its 31st October deadline.

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