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Zavvi has released a new collection of Pokemon clothes

Want to feel lilligant or look tentacool?

Online retailer Zavvi has unleashed - or maybe just hatched - a new range of Pokemon clothes, with t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies featuring various beloved Pokemon (all from the first generation right now).

There's some pretty good options out there. Our personal favorites include a green Bulbasaur jumper, a rather intense Psyduck hoodie, and a Margikarp t-shirt that's likely to cause a splash. Have we done enough Pokemon puns yet? Maybe time to give it a Nosepass.

Regardless, you can find the best examples of their collection just below, or check out the full collection here.

The whole range has a pretty retro feel, with old manga panels and simple white images that ensure they're not likely to clash with anything else too badly. Of course, this follows on the heel of Zavvi's similar Super Mario clothing line, so it's possible we'll see similar outfits and collections in the future. Kirby? Mega Man? Zelda? Surely they can't just do Pokemon indefinitely, that'd be odd. Well, somewhat odd. Oddish.

Alright, now the puns stop, especially as there's all manner of other deals to talk about! Check out the best Nintendo and Switch Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals here, or take a look at the Jelly Deals Twitter to know about every great offer and bargain as it appears!

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