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You can unlock Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 as a frigate in No Man's Sky for a limited time

As part of current Expedition season.

Well here's something I wasn't expecting to write on a Friday afternoon (or, indeed, ever). Hello Games' effervescent space sim No Man's Sky is getting in on the big-brand crossover action, and you're currently able to unlock a little piece of BioWare's Mass Effect to treasure forever in-game in the form of your very own SSV Normandy SR1.

Mass Effect's iconic SSV Normandy SR1 appears in No Man's Sky as a reward for players that complete the space sim's currently ongoing second Expedition.

Expeditions, if you're unfamiliar, are something like No Man's Sky's take on live-service seasons, each one beginning by depositing all players on the same planet. From there, participants must work their way across the universe by following an accompanying Expedition chart and completing different phases of challenges, known as Milestones, along the way - perhaps reaching specific rendezvous points or collecting ancient artefacts.

No Man's Sky x Mass Effect - Normandy Trailer.

Players can earn a variety of different rewards by working their way through to an Expedition's final goal, and this second season's grand prize is the aforementioned SSV Normandy SR1, which will serve as a deployable frigate in a player's freighter fleet once acquired.

It's certainly an unexpected addition (obviously timed to coincide with the recent launch of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition), but its sleek lines work surprisingly well alongside No Man's Sky's distinctive retro-futuristic aesthetic - as you can see for yourself in the trailer above.

No Man's Sky players wishing to secure their own Normandy SR1 have until 31st May to do so.

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