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Nintendo Labo lets you reprogram your Switch into an electric guitar

Strum assembly required.

With the help of a few rubber bands, cardboard peripheral system Nintendo Labo lets you program your Switch to act like an electric guitar.

Nintendo's new video, below, is the most detailed look yet at Labo's Toy-Con Garage - its built-in programming toolkit which lets you dream up and tinker with your own creations.

We've seen already how Garage lets you customise and tweak existing designs if you're feeling particularly arty.

Today's video shows off the programming side of things, and how you can set up buttons on the Switch's touchscreen with inputs and outputs to play music when strummed. You can then also use Joy-Con to further adjust your musical outputs, setting it so you can adjust pitch with buttons or motions. The results are pretty impressive.

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Nintendo Labo is due to launch on 20th April. We should have hands-on impressions soon.