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You can play the whole of Uncharted 4 with cel-shading

Or via ASCII art, in monochrome, or lots of other filters.

However Uncharted 4 ends up playing, there's no denying how good the game already looks.

But if you did want to tweak the visuals for Nathan Drake's final adventure, Naughty Dog has provided all manner of graphical filters so you can do just that.

These visual options are available from the start of the game, AGD reported, and include an ASCII art option, a cel-shaded option, and an option which makes Uncharted 4's world look like Rainbow Road.

There's also all manner of more subtle options, if you want to play the game through one of Instagram filters while scratching your goatee and having a vape.

Here's the full list:

  • Cel Shaded
  • ASCII Mosaic
  • Thief Vision (highlights enemies in red, friendlies in blue)
  • Negative Land
  • Afterlife (characters look like zombies)
  • Chalk Dust (everybody's covered in white dust)
  • Tri-Color (monochrome comic book type thing)
  • Rainbow Fun Land
  • 8-Bit (pixellated - distorts sound too)

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