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You can play as Chaos in Total War: Warhammer

As long as you have the DLC.

We've expected the forces of Chaos to play a role in Total War: Warhammer ever since the strategy game was announced. Now, they're confirmed as a playable race.

But there is a catch! Chaos are DLC.

Players who want to control their own Chaos armies during a Grand Campaign need to own the 'Chaos Warriors Race Pack', which is free to those who pre-order.

There's no word on whether this first DLC will be available to buy as well, but the wording of Sega's press release suggests it will be (the Chaos Warriors Race Pack will be available at launch).

Sega's used playable Total War factions to encourage pre-orders before. Total War: Rome 2, for example, included the Greek States as its pre-order bonus, helping ensure it became the most pre-ordered title in the series' 15-year history. That DLC, containing three playable factions, is now available for purchase on Steam for £5.99.

The Chaos Warriors pack, which includes three playable lords (each with their own 'narrative-driven quest chain'), makes for an enticing pre-order incentive, although some players will no doubt remain cautious following the troubled launch of Rome 2 back in late 2013.

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Alongside this reveal, The Creative Assembly have announced the game's initial release date. As the 'first in an epic trilogy', Total War: Warhammer is set to launch on the 28th April, 2016.

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