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You can now play five Eurogamer-themed Featured Contracts in Hitman 3

Reads like a 47.

Launch Hitman 3 at any point within the next two weeks and you might just notice a familiar blue logo on the front page!

From today, five custom Eurogamer Contracts that we've created will be featured in the game and they're bursting with Easter eggs for regular viewers of our Youtube channel to discover.

Set exclusively in the Mendoza level of Hitman 3 and playable across all available platforms, these custom contracts take place against the beautiful backdrop of the winery and vineyards of Viñedo Yates. That stunning scenery won't be serene for very long however, as these missions embrace the Video Team's love of all things chaotic.

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From blowing up a back-stabbing band and ending a year long beef with Dicebreaker once and for all, through to taking out Zoe, Aoife and I with our signature weapons, you'll really need to get creative with your chaos if you want to complete these Contracts.

All five levels are playable now, but make sure you do the Imposter Syndrome missions in order if you want to tie up the Agent 32 storyline from my VR Corner videos!

So how did this all come about? Well, last month, we were approached by IO Interactive and asked if we'd be up for creating some custom Contracts for the game and, as a huge fan of the series, I leapt at the chance.

Although I'd never done it before, it turns out that making custom Contracts is actually quite easy. All you need to do is start the game in Contracts mode and then use your Instincts vision to mark any unfortunate NPCs that you wish to eliminate. The next step then is to bump them all off - the game will record how you've done this, which will become part of the custom objectives - and then you just need to escape without being killed.

Think of it a bit like Super Mario Maker's method of forcing you to complete each course you've made before you can upload them. This way you know that it is possible to complete each custom creation, no matter how tricky they may seem at first glance.

After you've finished your Contract, you're then able to add in optional objectives based on how you completed that mission. For instance, you can select whether or not you want players to use a certain disguise or weapon during the custom Contract. Then it's just a case of giving that Contract a snappy title and a little bit of a mission description and you can unleash it into the world for other Hit-fans to enjoy.

Or... you know, you could like... not kill us instead?!

If you want to hear more about my thought processes behind each Contract and see them in action for yourself, we'll be streaming them over on our YouTube channel tomorrow, so expect a link to that video to appear just above these words once it's gone live.