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You can now play as Master Chief in Nintendo Switch's Minecraft

Well Halo there.

Master Chief, Microsoft's biggest gaming icon, is now available in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch.

Characters from Banjo Kazooie (which was, obviously, originally released on N64), plus Fable and Gears of War franchises are also included in the skin pack, which launches today for both Switch and Wii U.

Xbox owners will likely have the pack already - it's been available for years on Microsoft's own consoles - but it also arrives for the new, unified version of Minecraft today across all of its platforms.

Somewhat oddly, the now-discontinued Minecraft: Xbox Edition also gets a new skin pack today for the Disney film Moana.

Minecraft: Xbox Edition is no longer available to buy and download - it has been replaced by the cross-platform Minecraft which, months on, still feels like the game's mobile version plonked on a console with little more thought to it (because that's exactly what it is).

I wrote about this new "Bedrock" version of Minecraft a while back, and called it a mess on console. Back in October, the Minecraft community was asking for a user interface tailored to consoles, like the old Xbox Edition had, and fixes for other things which the new version had changed (redstone, coordinates). Months on, it doesn't seem like anything has changed.