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Yooka-Laylee to launch DRM-free on GOG

Kickstarter campaign steaming to a close.

Just over a month ago, a motley crew of ex-Rare employees revealed Yooka-Laylee, their spiritual succesor to Banjo Kazooie.

The newly-founded Playtonic Games is now in the final days of its Kickstarter campaign, and has added the option to receive a DRM-free PC copy of Yooka-Laylee via GOG.

Anyone eligible for a PC copy as part of their backer reward will be able to choose between Steam or GOG versions, a new blog post has detailed.

Yooka-Laylee will also simultaneously launch for PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One.

Extra stock of the game's PC USB N64 cartridge edition has also been added.

Four days remain before the campaign closes. More than £1.8m has already been pledged via Kickstarter, but Paypal pledges have pushed the full total beyond £1.9m.

All backers will receive a lump of free DLC should the game reach a final total of £2m before next Wednesday, 17th June.