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Yakuza 5 has modelling, animal hunting mini-games

And a version of Crazy Taxi.

Mob adventure Yakuza 5 will include a range of mini-games, highlighting the game's cast of characters and open-world setting.

The activities are presented as side-stories for each of the game's main characters, Famitsu reports (via Gematsu).

Kazuma Kiryu races taxis, Taiga Saejima hunts wild animals, Tatsuo Shinada plays baseball and Haruka Sawamura is training to be a Japanese idol.

Kiryu gets roped into taxi driving after clashing with the "Devil Killer" street racing gang. You'll be able to race taxis and also pick up passengers, avoiding others cars and obstructions on the way. Taxis are customisable and also come with special moves.

Saejima signs up to wilderness training after almost freezing to death on a mountain. He's saved by an old man chasing a mythical dragon, and learns how to set wield a hunting rifle, sneak up on prey and set traps.

Sawamura wants to be the number one idol in Osaka's "Princess League". She must survive talk show appearances, magazine interviews and "hand shake meetings".

Finally, and rather disappointingly, Shinada just wants to play baseball. He meets an old high school friend who gets him back into the sport. Boring.

Yakuza 5 is due to launch in Japan for PlayStation 3 this December.