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Yakuza 5 announced in Japan

Nagoshi's crime epic gets more epic.

Yakuza 3 only came out in Europe on Friday, and Yakuza 4 isn't out in Japan until Thursday, but Yakuza 5 appears to have been unveiled already.

That's according to Andriasang's interpretation of a Famitsu piece (thanks VG247), which reports on a Yakuza 4 event in Japan where hacks were treated to a glimpse of "A new challenge for Ryu ga Gotoku" - the Japanese name for the series.

That new challenge will once again be handled by series director Toshihiro Nagoshi, and is being referred to by SEGA as "Project K". It was trailed briefly by an image of a young man in a familiar location.

Check out our Yakuza 3 European review and Yakuza 4 preview to find out why SEGA keeps at it. There's no word on formats for Yakuza 5, but PS3 only would fit in with the last two releases.

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