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XCOM 2's first DLC pack arrives next week

Anarchy's Children adds over 100 new customisation options.

Anarchy's Children, the first DLC pack for XCOM 2, comes out 17th March.

If you're waiting for something storydriven, this isn't the DLC for you. But let's be honest, it's much more important than that. We're talking soldier customisation, folks.


Featuring over 100 new "exotic" hairstyles, face paints, armour, decals, masks and what have you, this DLC fleshes out a key part of the XCOM experience: making your soldiers look lovely, before they're taken from you forever.

If you already own the Reinforcements Pack , then you can download Anarchy's Children from next Thursday. If not, it costs £3.99.

Oh, and here's an important line from the latest XCOM 2 blog post:

"Additionally, we're preparing a patch that will include performance optimisations and gameplay bug fixes. We will have more info to share on this very soon."

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