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XCOM 2 delayed three weeks on console


XCOM 2 was set to hit PS4 and Xbox One on 9th September, but it's just been delayed until 30th September.

Publisher 2K Games made the announcement via tweet.

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Our resident strategy king Chris Bratt absolutely loved Firaxis' sequel, which he awarded a rare Eurogamer Essential badge upon its PC and Mac release in February.

"XCOM 2 isn't a reworking of the original game, then - it's a genuine response to it. A response to us," he stated in his XCOM 2 review. "Turns out Firaxis was on overwatch all along."

When XCOM 2 does finally make its way to consoles, be sure to check out our handy XCOM 2 guide, offering plenty of tips and tricks to thwart your new alien overlords.

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