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Xbox's new Edge browser supports keyboards, Stadia and Discord

Along with a new Play Later discovery feature.

Microsoft has announced a number of quality of life improvements and new features coming to Xbox.

The big new feature is Play Later, which allows you to curate your own list of titles from Xbox Game Pass which you can come back to another time. The new tab will show personalised recommendations that's reminiscent of Steam's discovery menu.

Next, the world's most beloved browser, Microsoft Edge, has been updated on Xbox to the Chromium version (which shares the underlying code as Chrome) that was released on Windows PCs last year.

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According to The Verge, the new Edge supports keyboard and mouse, meaning you can finally play Microsoft Excel on Xbox, as well as services such as the web-based version of Discord.

Perhaps more interestingly, as the new version of Edge runs under Chromium, Xbox players can now stream games through services like Google Stadia. There is technically no reason why Edge shouldn't be able to run GeForce Now, but bizarrely, Nvidia blocks access using the browser.

All this ties in well with the recent addition of Game Pass streaming to the Windows 10 Xbox app, which went live last week. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have been able to stream Game Pass games from the cloud for a while, of course. That simply added the ability to do so from the app rather than via a browser.

Ever so slowly, it appears your console is becoming a fully-fledged PC.

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