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This Xbox Series X/S 1TB External SSD has £60 off this Cyber Monday

Plus you can get one month free of Game Pass Ultimate!

Cyber Monday 2021 has been dishing out deals for gaming and tech products all day long and we've been eagle-eyeing the best bargains so you can get the most bang for your buck, before the sales end at midnight.

This last quarter of the year has been a busy time for new game releases, which means plenty of older Xbox game titles have been discounted - including games released earlier this year. And if you've already picked up a bunch of these heavily reduced titles for the latest or last-gen consoles, you might now be wondering where you're possibly going to store all your games and save files? Well, the next port of call following those purchases is a new storage solution to actually be able to hold and install all those games. That's why this deal on the WD_Black D30 1TB game drive SSD, compatible with Xbox Series X and Series S, is the perfect solution!

Typically your external drive of choice would be a HDD, but with this SSD you'll be able to ditch those slow speeds, taking advantage of faster load times thanks to its optimised speeds of 900MB/s, creating less disparity between the Series X's internal and external SSDs. Simply put, you spend less time waiting and more time playing.

It's not all about the speed though, the actual storage size of this drive is 1TB meaning you can store a lot of games. In combination with the internal storage, this doubles the storage capacity for games with a total of 2TB to play around with. Since this drive is primarily for backwards compatible games from previous generations, you can save more of that precious internal storage for newer Series S/X titles whilst keeping favourites from the past on this drive.

Alternatively, you can use this expanded storage to store Series X/S games to free up the internal drive for any next-gen game you want to play. And thanks to the SSD's speeds, you'll be able to transfer those games back to the internal drive at a rate several times faster than a standard HDD! You won't need to worry about this drive looking out of place either, because with its stylistic aesthetic and compact design, this SSD visually looks the part, easy to tuck away alongside your Xbox hardware.

Below we've included the deal available on this SSD (which includes 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), along with an alternate option for those of you looking more for higher storage capacity than storage speed. There's also options for those of you across the pond too.



With Cyber Monday soon coming to a close, you probably won't have much time left to go deal-hunting out in the wild. So if you want to check out what else there is available for your Xbox, be sure to pop on over to our dedicated Xbox page.

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