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Xbox 360 passes 1m mark down under

MS auctions one-off consoles to celebrate.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has now sold more than 1 million Xbox 360 consoles in Australia and New Zealand. And Xbox Live now has more than 525,000 subscribers in the ANZ region, apparently.

To celebrate, Microsoft will auction one-off celebrity-designed consoles in aid of the David Peachey Foundation. Among the airbrushed Xbox 360s that will be auctioned from today are ones designed by celebrities Russell Crowe, Jennifer Hawkins, Hugh Jackman and Kelly Rowland. Jamie Oliver's face looks ridiculous.

The Xbox 360 topped one million sales in Japan, with sales of 1.23m recorded in March this year. The UK installed-base stands at approximately 4m and the US count at 20m.

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