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World of Warcraft has something to do with Fortnite in the works

"The Storm inflicts 10 Nature damage every 1 sec."

A group of murlocs from World of Warcraft.
Image credit: Blizzard

World of Warcraft fans have spotted an intriguing addition to the veteran MMO that's distinctly themed around Fortnite.

Datamined details of an upcoming boss encounter scooped up by Wowhead reveal the abilities of a new "Renegade Looter" enemy to include "Cranking 90s", "One Pump", "Slurp Drink" and "Disco Bomb". For the uninitiated, all of these are references to Epic Games' ever-popular battle royale.

Cranking 90s, for example, refers to the player ability to build a vertical tower at speed. In World of Warcraft, it will allow the Renegade Looter boss to "rapidly construct a tower to gain the high ground".

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Fortnite items such as the Shockwave Bomb and Disco Bomb will also be replicated as enemy abilities - seeing players knocked back or made to dance uncontrollably.

There's even an ability named after Fortnite's storm mechanic, which will inflict 10 Nature damage every second to players who don't stay within its safe zone.

It sounds like a cool concept and a lot of work for Activision Blizzard to go to simply for a Fortnite Easter egg, though this wouldn't be the first time World of Warcraft has jokily referenced another video game.

Could this be part of a proper Fortnite crossover? Maybe. Fortnite has partnered with more surprising properties in the past, though it would be interesting to see here as the first Activision Blizzard property to potentially become part of the Fortnite universe.

The fact Activision Blizzard has its own battle royale, Warzone, gives me pause - and makes me think this is simply a joke that stays within World of Warcraft. But I'd love to be wrong, as I'd absolutely buy a murloc skin in Fortnite.

No doubt we'll hear more about the Renegade Looter's addition to World of Warcraft in the coming days.

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