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Wolfenstein multiplayer modes detailed

Supernatural powers, persistent upgrades.

Endrant Studios has detailed the online portion of the new Wolfenstein game, which arrives on 21st August on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The key differentiators are supernatural veil powers and a persistent upgrade unlock system, both of which help protagonist BJ through the single-player campaign where very big and very Nazi baddies await.

But game designer Matt Wilson told GameSpot that Endrant doesn't want multiplayer characters to be as powerful, so BJ has been split into three classes - soldier, medic and engineer - and each has a unique set of appropriate veil powers.

Upgrades won't stack like in single-player either, but be restricted to use one at a time. Will you go for power over accuracy or reload time over recoil-kick, for example? Or perhaps you will pick faster heals over heals that help both your target and yourself?

The slow-motion power Mire won't translate to multiplayer, as having some people experience slow-down and others seeing a character moving at super-speed is technically very difficult to pull off, and not actually that fun.

Similarly, some of the more exotic veil weaponry won't make multiplayer, as Endrant doesn't want match focus on obtaining those super guns.

Modes will be a mix of familiar deathmatch and team deathmatch, plus Objective and Stopwatch modes. The latter are based around one team accomplishing objectives while the other team tries to stop them. In Stopwatch, however, the roles are reversed half-way through, and the winner is the team that accomplishes the objectives fastest.

Wolfenstein multiplayer will have eight maps, each of which is separate from the single-player game and has its own set of goals.

The Facility map has Resistance forces breaking into a workshop via a disused railway in order to disable a prototype tank before the Axis forces can transport it to a safety, for example. And in the Rooftop map the Axis forces have found a list of Resistance safe houses, so Resistance must warn the operatives within before the Axises get to them.

Head over to our E3 hands-on impressions of Wolfenstein to find out more.

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