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Watch what Namco's canned Snake Plissken game looked like


Back in 2003 Namco announced a game based on John Carpenter's Snake Plissken license tentatively called Escape. The title never saw the light of day, but now a former developer on the project has released a trailer for the Snake Plissken game that never was (thanks, Kotaku).

Originally set for a late 2005 release, Escape was in development by Namco's Bay Area studio, who created the first Dead to Rights in 2003 and the cover shooter Kill Switch in 2004. The licensed game was given the go-ahead by IP owners Kurt Russell, John Carpenter, and the now late Debra Hill. In fact, Russell was on board to voice the iconic character he embodied - who Hideo Kojima later cited as the inspiration for Metal Gear's Solid Snake.

As we can see from the trailer, Escape was going to feature a blend of shooting, stealth and melee combat. Selling points included "deadly double-barrelled gun battles," "stealthy shadows tactics," and "close-quarters combat." That's right, Snake. Don't forget your CQC!

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