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Witcher 2 2.0 update adds Dark Mode

Arena Mode and tutorial also coming.

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A hefty new update for acclaimed RPG The Witcher 2 brings a number of new game modes to the CD Projekt-developed title next month.

As detailed in the developer diary below, update 2.0 adds "20 technical enhancements", various gameplay tweaks and a number of major new features.

Chief among them is Dark Mode, which is a new difficulty level pitched just below Insane. As well as upping the challenge it also adds in a number of super-powerful new "Dark" items to mess around with too.

There's also an Arena mode which lets you test your skills against endless waves of enemies and pick up XP and new items in the process.

On top of that, the update adds a tutorial to help new players through the game's tough first few sections.

The free patch will be available via auto update from 29th September, while all the new content will be included with the Xbox 360 version when it launches early next year.

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