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Witcher 2 2.0 dated and detailed

Plus, new info on Xbox 360 version.

The beefy 2.0 update for PC RPG The Witcher 2 goes live on 29th September, developer CD Projekt has announced at its Autumn conference.

The expansion, which is apparently larger than the enhanced version of the first game, includes 40 new technological and gameplay enhancements, all nine DLC packs released for the game so far and three big new features.

A new tutorial section has been bolted on in reaction to complaints that the game's opening section is too difficult. It takes the form of a short quest set in a small village in a forest.

Secondly, a super-difficult Dark Mode is also included. It adds three sets of dark armour, three dark swords, three new mini-quests and various other 'dark' themes and elements. The developer insists it offers players the "ultimate challenge" - so much so that it's offering an as-yet undisclosed prize to the first person to beat it.

Finally, 2.0 brings with it a new Arena Mode. Located in a forgotten stronghold in the kingdom of Kaedwan, you'll be able to scrap it out against various foes from the main game, and one new beast - the werewolf.

Encounters are time-based - the quicker you defeat your foe, the more points you'll rack up. Bonus points are also awarded for spectacular kills, while the crowd will react to your performance. Fight well and they'll cheer, fight poorly and they'll lob rotting veg at you.

You'll be able to buy weapons, carry over items from the main game and enlist the help of three different mercenaries.

All existing users get the add-on as a free auto update, while newcomers can pick up a boxed version for €39, down from €49. A digital download will be available on Steam and GOG for €29.99.

The developer also divulged a few scraps of new info about the impending Xbox 360 release. Described as an "adaptation" rather than a port, it's due out in early 2012. It'll include all the 2.0 content as well as a new four minute long opening cinematic. Don't be jealous, PC gamers - the clip will be added to the PC version after release too.

A few new trailers were also shown - we'll have them up on the site as soon as CD Projekt makes them public.