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Wii most popular product on eBay

Holiday fanatics hoover up console.

Online auctioneer eBay has revealed the Nintendo Wii as the most popular product on the entire site.

The console attracted the highest number of searches across all categories, and flogged an enormous 3171 units over 24 hours on Black Friday - the shopping day that follows Thanksgiving.

The average selling price of a Wii on eBay is USD 349 (GBP 236), which is USD 100 above the RRP.

Wii Fit was the second-most searched for product, with 1059 units sold on Black Friday. The average price of the balance board game is USD 100 (GBP 68).

Nintendo has struggled to keep up with demand for consoles and peripherals since release. This year is shaping up to be no different, with The Telegraph and GamesIndustry.biz both reporting widespread demand for the Wii and out-of-stock Wii Fit.

Other popular eBay items include the PlayStation 3, Rock Band 2 instrument bundles, and Spandex leggings if we've got anything to do with it.

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