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Wii lightsaber unveiling in UK

Nottingham, later this month.

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LucasArts will be showing off its Wii lightsaber implementation in the UK this month for the first time ever.

It will be demonstrated by Jonathan Smith from Traveller's Tales, who will be swishing around his arms and making funny noises as he plays LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

His presentation will form the first part of the Star Wars day at GameCity 2007 in Nottingham, otherwise known as 26th October.

Following his talk will be chit-chat about what makes a really good Star Wars game, lead by some woman from Wonderland and a chap who likes comics with aliens in.

After that, you will be treated to a run-down of the Euphoria engine that LucasArts is using its new Indiana Jones and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games. You've probably heard about this before: the one that boasts advanced AI routines and rag-doll physics to ensure no two punches will land in the same way on an opponent.

GameCity runs from 24th - 28th October, and has attracted big name speakers such as Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, who will be delivering a keynote address and showing his new game Nobi Nobi Boy.

We will be there, and you can be, too; just pop over to the GameCity 2007 site and snaffle up your very own ticket.

But we are warning you: we will fight you if you try and get in our way when we make a rush for the lightsaber.

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