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Katamari creator to keynote GameCity

Wealth of talent signs up.

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Katamari Damacy developer Keita Takahashi will be delivering the keynote address at this year's GameCity event in the UK, is reporting - as well as showing his new title Nobi Nobi Boy for the first time in the West.

"We're enormously excited that Keita has chosen to participate in the GameCity festival and deliver the Vision Statement keynote," offered Iain Simons, director of GameCity.

"This really is a unique opportunity for gamers to spend some quality time in the company of one of the most exciting developers working today."

Joining the line-up at GameCity this year will be representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Freestyle Games, Traveller's Tales, Free Radical Design, Mode 7 and Frontier.

Last year's inaugural Vision Statement was delivered by Lorne Lanning, with the Oddworld creator unveiling first details of his CGI movie and game project, Citizen Siege.

"BAFTA is tremendously excited to be working with GameCity," commented Kam Kandola, regional programmer for BAFTA.

"Opportunities for the public to meet with industry leaders such as Keita are very valuable and we are delighted to be continuing to help to bring the creative excellence behind video games closer to the people that play them."

GameCity will take place across Nottingham October 24 - 28, with full details to be announced shortly.

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