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19th February 2009

Noby Noby Boy

12th February 2009

Sony details spring PSN plans

It's been some time coming, but Noby Noby Boy continues to reach new milestones as it stretches out into the stars. Coming fast up to seven years since Keita Takahashi's delirious toy was released on PlayStation 3, players have helped Noby Noby Boy's girl make it all the way to Pluto (thanks for the spot, DarkZero.)

Katamari creator resurfaces with Glitch

Eccentric MMO launches today.

Glitch, a cute free-to-play browser MMO from a team that includes Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi among its ranks, launches today, developer Tiny Speck has announced.

Keita Takahashi: Why I left Namco

"I didn't belong there any more."

Katamary Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi has for the first time explained his decision to quit publisher Namco Bandai after 11 years working for the company.

Noby Noby Boy reaches Jupiter

Planet contains random nonsense. Surprise.

Keita Takahashi's certifiable PSN game Noby Noby Boy has reached Jupiter on its stretchy journey through the solar system.

FeatureNoby Noby Boy's Keita Takahashi

On the new multiplayer update, with exclusive videos.

Keita Takahashi's PSN game Noby Noby Boy is updated today, gaining offline multiplayer support for four players, as well as improved sound and music and a few other novel features. We jumped at the opportunity to have another chat with the eccentric creator about the game we think is an absurdist masterpiece, even if it is just us. Below, Takahashi details the multiplayer, the unique linguistic flatulence features of the update, the iPhone version he revealed in his amazing GDC presentation, and more.

Takahashi: Noby Noby iPhone is "bait"

To fund more PS3 updates in future.

Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi has said that he's using the iPhone version of the game as "bait" to secure more funding for the ongoing development of the PS3 original.

Katamari was comment on consumerism

"I don't use drugs at all" - Takahashi.

At his talk at last week's Game Developers Conference, Namco Bandai's Keita Takahashi revealed that he intended his first game, cult hit Katamari Damacy, to be a comment on consumer culture.

GDC: Noby Noby Boy coming to iPhone

Plus multiplayer update late next month.

Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi revealed that he's working on an iPhone extension of his PSN game Noby Noby Boy at his Game Developers Conference talk today.

Multiplayer confirmed for Noby Noby Boy

Multiplayer confirmed for Noby Noby Boy

Offline but "still fun", says Takahashi.

Keita Takahashi has confirmed an offline multiplayer mode is on the way for Noby Noby Boy.

"In the hopes that more people can enjoy the game, we are currently working on an update," he wrote on the US PlayStation blog.

"A featured addition to the update is going to be offline multiplayer. Some may say, “Offline!?” But it’ll still be fun. Please check it out," Takahashi added.

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Offline multi for Noby Noby Boy?

Plus new music, teases website.

Teaser images on the website for Noby Noby Boy suggest that the PSN game will be updated with an offline, four-player multiplayer mode soon.

Noby Noby Boy

Noby Noby Boy

Boy meets world.

When artistically-inclined creators set out to do something different in the videogame "space" - like thatgamecompany's Flower, to take a recent and excellent example - they often start with the subject matter, the atmosphere, the style. They might create something that has the bones of a game, but the looks of a painting and the heart of a song - something that creates a different mood in the player.

Noby Noby Boy, released today for PS3 on the PlayStation Network, isn't like those other experiments. It's deeper, wilder, more unhinged, more radical - and more brilliant. It disposes with even the bones of gaming, reducing it down to its very core - the simple notion of play - and then elevating that to an art form. It doesn't just change your mood; it changes your whole frame of mind.

Noby Noby, or nobinobi, is a Japanese term meaning to stretch, to relax, to be yourself, to take your time, to be late. In Noby Noby Boy, you control BOY, a cheerful little quadruped whose body can stretch to almost infinite length. You control his front and rear end independently, one with each analogue stick. Pull them away from each other and he stretches like rubber, straining for a second, before popping out into a rainbow-striped, floppy snake. Keep pulling and he keeps stretching, and growing, and stretching, and growing. And growing. And growing some more.

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Noby Noby Boy to get DLC soon

"Big update" due in around two months.

Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview published today, Namco's Keita Takahashi has revealed that his new PSN game, Noby Noby Boy, will get a substantial downloadable update in the near future.

FeatureNoby Noby Boy's Keita Takahashi

Katamari's creator on stretching, eating, sleeping, and inter-planetary peace. Exclusive videos inside!

Thursday sees the PSN release - for a mere GBP 3.19 / EUR 3.99 - of Noby Noby Boy, the new game by Katamari Damacy's creator Keita Takahashi.

Noby Noby Boy UK pricing

Half a Flower.

Namco Bandai has told Eurogamer that Noby Noby Boy will cost GBP 3.19 in the UK when it launches on Thursday, 19th February.

Sony details spring PSN plans

Sony details spring PSN plans

Worms! Ragdoll Kung Fu! Diner Dash!

Sony plans to release Worms, Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, Diner Dash and many others on PlayStation Network this spring.

That's according to a Sony US press release outlining plans for "PSN Spring Fever", which was sent out yesterday.

However, the same list reproduced on the US PlayStation blog has a few amendments, notably the removal of Worms and Diner Dash. There's no explanation, so we've gone in search of one. We'll let you know.

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Noby Noby Boy to get February release

Not a "so-called 'game'" - Namco Bandai.

Namco Bandai has apparently said Noby Noby Boy will now be released on PlayStation Network worldwide from 19th February. Japan and Korea had expected a 29th January launch. Suckers.

Noby Noby Boy dated and priced

Katamari creator's next coming soon.

Namco and Sony have put a date and price - precise for Japan, vague for Europe - on Noby Noby Boy, the new PS3 game-thing from Katamari creator Keita Takahashi.

Takahashi shows Nobi Nobi Boy

Katamari creator at GameCity.

Keita Takahashi used his keynote at this weekend's GameCity festival to show off an early demo of his new PlayStation 3 game Nobi Nobi Boy.

Katamari creator to keynote GameCity

Wealth of talent signs up.

Katamari Damacy developer Keita Takahashi will be delivering the keynote address at this year's GameCity event in the UK, is reporting - as well as showing his new title Nobi Nobi Boy for the first time in the West.