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Noby Noby Boy to get February release

Not a "so-called 'game'" - Namco Bandai.

Namco Bandai has apparently said Noby Noby Boy will now be released on PlayStation Network worldwide from 19th February. Japan and Korea had expected a 29th January launch. Suckers.

The evidence comes from a marketing leaflet reproduced on Kotaku. Interestingly, the same document stipulates that the quirky title "cannot be classified as a so-called 'game'".

Noby Noby Boy is the next project from celebrated developer Keita Takahashi, who created Katamari Damacy and sequel We Love Katamari.

The marketing document admits Noby Noby Boy is "hard to explain", but claims "the content will pick up its own players" and has a "profound meaning", which is being kept secret for now.

There's also a warning: "Please note: depending on your mood, you can get addicted to it."

Noby Noby Boy puts players in control of a worm-like character referred to as BOY. He's very stretchy, and the aim is to independently move his head and feet to be as far apart as possible. The bigger the stretch, the bigger the points.

Points are then submitted online to GIRL, who uses them to stretch from the Earth to the Moon and beyond, unlocking more areas as she goes.

Pop over to our Noby Noby Boy gallery for the latest screenshots, and look out for our thoughts soon.

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