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After six years in space, Noby Noby Boy's GIRL returns home

Takahashi's eccentric PS3 game finally comes to an end.

Late last month we noted that Noby Noby Boy was continuing its curious progress, with players helping 'GIRL' all the way to Pluto. Now, Keita Takahashi's eccentric PlayStation 3 game has finally come to an end.

Having slightly sped up the speed at which 'GIRL' shoots through the universe, Noby Noby Boy has brought her all the way past Mercury, Venus and the Sun and back home (thanks for the spot, Kotaku), triggering an end sequence that looks like it's been waiting for us since launch in 2009.

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What a glorious end to such a strange game. Takahashi's not gone for good, though - next year we should be getting Wattam, his latest joint that's on its way to PlayStation 4.

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