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Noby Noby Boy to get DLC soon

"Big update" due in around two months.

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Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview published today, Namco's Keita Takahashi has revealed that his new PSN game, Noby Noby Boy, will get a substantial downloadable update in the near future.

"We will make a big update approximately two months after the release. I think we will be able to present the content pretty soon," He said.

Takahashi added that he would like to develop the game even further, but whether that happens will depend on how successful it is.

"Without having a lot of people playing the game, I don't think that the decison-makers at the company will allow another update," he said. "So I want many people to play the game. Please allow me to keep updating the game!"

Keita Takahashi is the creator of Namco's cult PS2 hit Katamari Damacy, which went on to get a sequel and versions for the PSP, Xbox 360 and iPhone.

Noby Noby Boy, which will cost just GBP 3.19 / EUR 3.99 when it's released exclusively for PS3 tomorrow, is a virtual playground in which players control both ends of the titular BOY, who can be stretched to incredible lengths.

It doesn't have a conventional game structure or objectives - but although this worried Takahashi's bosses at Namco, he shrugged it off.

"As my hierarchy only complains and only talks about the so-called "right things" to do when creating a game, I just tried not to care about what I was being told. To be honest, I don't really remember," he said.

For more of the eccentric game designer's thoughts, be sure to check out the full interview, and look out for a review of Noby Noby Boy very soon.

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