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White Knight Chronicles II, Origins dated

PS3 and PSP RPGs launch on same day.

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Both White Knight Chronicles II on PlayStation 3 and White Knight Chronicles: Origins on PSP go on sale in the UK and Ireland from 10th June, publisher Sony has announced.

Australia and New Zealand get them on the 9th June and other PAL territories on the 8th.

Developed by Level-5 and first released in Japan back in 2009, Chronicles II picks up from the solid 2008 original.

A 30-hour campaign, redesigned combat and online co-op for six people are all promised.

Matrix-developed Origins on the PSP provides a little backstory, set 10,000 years before the original game. Again, there's a 30 hour campaign to wade through, as well as four player co-op.

Sony has blessed as with new trailers for both games – take a look below.

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