White Knight Chronicles II


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White Knight Chronicles II

White Knight Chronicles II

Sizeable issues.

It is, without doubt, one of the most off-putting introductions to a game this year.

First, an overlong cut-scene full of arcane terminology that will go over the heads of all but the most attentive devotee of Sony's one remaining international Japanese role-playing game series. Then, a five-minute escort mission in which you're given the keys to a fully-equipped knight, levelled to the nines, yet given scant instruction in how to bend his action to your will.

Starting a story in media res may be a sure-fire way to hit the narrative ground running. But drop a player in the middle of a cat's cradle of game mechanics with no tutorial, and they'll become tangled in a confusion that's tough to shake.

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White Knight Chronicles II, Origins dated

PS3 and PSP RPGs launch on same day.

Both White Knight Chronicles II on PlayStation 3 and White Knight Chronicles: Origins on PSP go on sale in the UK and Ireland from 10th June, publisher Sony has announced.

White Knight Chronicles II for Europe

PS3 RPG with online co-op for six!

PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles II has been announced on the European PlayStation blog - it's coming to Europe. Unfortunately there's no indication of when.