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When you've mastered auto chess, playing two games at once is the only thing left to do


The actual fighting in auto chess is automatic. Round after round, you sit and watch your units smash lumps out of your opponent's units until there is a victor. The gameplay revolves around planning and strategy - and making decisions quickly between rounds. So while it seems on the face of it like there's plenty of downtime in an average game of auto chess, you have to focus and concentrate quite a bit if you want to win.

But, for one streamer at least, you can always do more.

American Twitch streamer Byron Bernstein, aka Reckful, took Teamfight Tactics and doubled it, playing on two accounts at the same time.

GrandMaster-ranked Reckful created two fresh accounts on EU and NA and started playing them both at the same time "to stimulate the brain". Switching between both games at will, Reckful makes decisions quickly and somehow keeps up on what the other 14(!) players are up to all at the same time. Early game it's easier to manage - you have fewer units and fewer decisions to make. But mid to late game, where you have more units to play with, your opponents get harder and you need to think about changing your lineup, there's a hell of a lot to manage. And while some games don't go Reckful's way, he holds his own playing on both accounts at the same time - even winning some matches. At one point he manages a "double first", winning both the matches he's playing.

In yesterday's stream, after four hours of playing two games at once, Reckful goes back to playing one game after admitting he's struggling. But to last that long and do so well is an impressive feat. I'm not entirely sure it makes for a great viewing experience (there's too much to look at and keep track of as a viewer), and I imagine it's pretty exhausting for Reckful, but perhaps that's the point. Are we ushering in a new era of extreme auto chess? What's next? Playing three games at once? Four?


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