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Riot Games sues Vietnamese developer for copying League of Legends spin-off Teamfight Tactics

A "knock off".

Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against Vietnamese developer Imba Network for creating a "knock-off" of its League of Legends spin-off Teamfight Tactics.

The studio has accused Imba Network of stealing likenesses, stories, and lore for its game I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight, Reuters reported.

Riot is seeking $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement and has requested the California court restrict Imba Network from selling its game.

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The Vietnamese developer has denied copying Riot's game, yet in the lawsuit Riot published clear comparisons between the two titles. That includes names like Heimerdinger (League of Legends) vs. Dinger (I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight), Teemo vs. Tomee, and Vi vs. Vy.

Some text also appears to have been copy and pasted from Riot, and includes similar abilities and character icons.

As a result, Riot filed a cease and desist letter with Imba Network, including an "extensive but non-exhaustive side-by-side chart of copied characters and gameplay elements."

"Imba's plan that potential customers would recognize the Infringing Game's heroes was successful. Many players commented on the outright copying of LoL champions in the Infringing Game," said Riot's lawyers.

I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight, described as an "idle RPG", is available across mobile platforms.

Riot Games is already embroiled in its own lawsuit for sexual harassment within the studio. In January, it agreed on a $100 million gender discrimination settlement to end the lawsuit.

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