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Teamfight Tactics tier list: Best Champions in Teamfight Tactics ranked, including Twisted Fate

What are the best Champions in Teamfight Tactics? Here are our picks.

A good Teamfight Tactics tier list is one of the best places to start if you're after some fresh inspiration for building our your team, or just a quick decision on who the best Champions in Teamfight Tactics are when you're torn between a Sejuani and a Cho'gath in the final stages of the game.

Below, we've assembled our own picks for the best champs in the game, based on our own time playing and several other sources that we'll reference along the way.

If you're looking for more on TFT, meanwhile, our Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet and general Teamfight Tactics guide and strategies for getting started are worth checking out.

Update (July 19th): The Teamfight Tactics tier list is up to date as of patch Patch 9.14, including the addition of new champion Twisted Fate.

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Teamfight Tactics tier list: our picks for a tier list ranking all Champions in LoL TFT

Here's our Teamfight Tactics tier list, based on a combination of our own experience, changes made to characters over time in balance patches and recommendations in the community, such as this post from MentionMyName4Karma on reddit which summarised five other community tier lists.

Teamfight Tactics tier list, sorted by tier:

Teamfight Tactics TierChampions
S TierSejuani, Anivia, Cho'gath, Aurelion Sol, Gnar, Swain, Brand
A TierKennen, Akali, Kindred, Kayle, Miss Fortune, Shyvana, Varus, Yasuo, Pyke, Lucian, Evelynn, Zed, Ashe, Draven
B TierBlitzcrank, Aatrox, Morgana, Karthus, Garen, Leona, Darius, Lulu, Veigar, Kassadin, Ahri, Lissandra, Shen, Kha'zix, Nidalee, Warwick, Twisted Fate
C TierGangplank,Volibear, Fiora, Tristana, Graves, Vayne, Katarina, Poppy, Rengar, Braum, Mordekaiser
D TierElise, Rek'sai

Between new characters and patches, here's how our Teamfight Tactics tier list has changed since launch:

ChampionPrevious TierCurrent Tier
Twisted FateNew!B

Teamfight Tactics tier list, sorted alphabetically:

ChampionsTeamfight Tactics Tier
Aurelion SolS
Miss FortuneA

How good is Twisted Fate in Teamfight Tactics?

Twisted Fate on his own is a fairly mediocre champion. His health pool is very shallow, so he can be killed quickly by any high damage teams, mitigated slightly by his 3-tile range which allows him to keep his distance from blademasters and the like.

However, his ultimate ability makes him an exceptional support champion. Pulling one of three cards at random, Twisted Fate can either stun an enemy unit with a yellow card, do AOE damage around his target with a red card, or restore a chunk of mana for all friendly champions around him with the blue card.

While granted this makes him unreliable, a clutch mana boost or stun can help you steal a win from an otherwise certain loss.

As for Origins, Twisted Fate is a Pirate / Sorcerer. Having another low cost pirate available alongside Graves and Pyke has single handedly made an early pirates build viable. While before you had to hope for an early Gangplank to make it work, now you can start earning additional treasure chest money with relative ease.

In the same vein, Twisted Fate has made getting the sorcerer origin bonus easier too. That paired with the effect of his trusty blue card can help you reach the powerful champion abilities you need to dominate rounds.

Overall, Twisted fate is pretty good. He's not S tier by any means, but he's a great wingman for your more powerful champions.

For more like this, see what's new in the latest Teamfight Tactics update 9.16 patch notes, or head to our introductory Teamfight Tactics guide to get a great start on the mode. Otherwise, we've a Teamfight Tactics items cheat sheet and a Teamfight Tactics tier list to give you an idea on who's strong right now, too.

What is the current state of the Teamfight Tactics meta?

While the 9.14 patch has changed plentyin Teamfight Tactics, the meta is still settling, and though certain team compositions may be popular right now there's no telling what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

That being said, with the addition of Twisted Fate Pirates have seen a boost in viability. Not only does this allow for people to get their treasure chests quicker, but it's also had a ripple effect for other origins these pirates have.

Gunslingers have had a surge in popularity as a result, alongside Sorcerers and Assassins. Being able to build a strong early team that benefits from extra gold each round has allowed early-game focused teams to thrive.

Demons have also seen a surge in popularity, with the majority of champions with that origin ranging from decent to downright deadly. It's also an origin with a clear progression throughout the game.

Start with Varus and Elise paired with another strong origin like rangers, then keep an eye out for Evelynn Morgana and Aatrox as your progress through the game before finally looking for Swain and Brand to finish off a dominant team. A demon team is a scary one to fight, and it only gets more intimidating as the game goes on.

How did we rank our Teamfight Tactics Tier List?

Teamfight Tactics is an incredibly situational game, relying on a fair bit of random-chance mechanics to keep one match feeling different from the next.

That means it's near enough impossible to rank champions from "best" to "worst" in a completely definitive sense - sometimes a bottom-tier champion can still be the perfect fit at a certain time, filling out the final slot required for an Origin composition, like Mordekaiser allowing you to easily combo a Knight-Phantom-Ranger team when paired with Kindred, for instance.

Other times, a champion's useful just as one to dump a spare Force of Nature item onto (still looking at you, Elise).

Teamfight Tactics tier list (created via TierMaker).

With that in mind, we used a combination of things to weigh up how strong each Champion is at the moment. The cost of the champion, the strength of the team comps they fit into, their availability, and their early- and late-game strengths all played a part.

Lucian is a perfect example of this. Available early, Lucian can easily become a cornerstone of your team with his high damage and early Origin synergies with Gunslingers and Nobles. Late game, with upgrades and items, he only gets stronger - he's a reliable champion with a lot of potential.

Karthus, meanwhile, costs a full five gold, takes a while to get his ability off without item support, and doesn't fit brilliantly into a Phantom team comp, so is a bit lower despite his "strength" in-game.

The best champions in Teamfight Tactics - our TFT tier list explained

We have seven champions in our top, "S-tier" level of the tier list. Here's a quick look at each of them explaining why we think they're so strong right now.

Remember that this can change though, as the meta evolves with players discovering new tactics, and as Riot Games tweaks things with patches over time, too!

The best TFT champions: Sejuani

Sejuani's a top-tier choice for us for a few reasons. She's not impossibly expensive, she has incredible crowd control (CC) with her special ability stunning enemies for four seconds (at tier 2) in a large radius around her, and she has great synergy, fitting in with both Knight and Glacial builds which are both relatively easy to get going and have great, full-game potential. If you can fit one other Knight or Glacial on your team, Sej should be a near guaranteed pick when you see her!

The best TFT champions: Anivia

Anivia's pricey, and quite rare, but if you have a Glacial or Elemental team she's almost always worth it. Elemental is a fantastic comp to go for, spawning you a free extra tank when you get three Elemental's together, and there's naturaly synergy there with Glacial, what with the early-game-available Lissandra being Glacial-Elemental, too. Anivia herself deals out amazing, regular damage with a fast-recharging special ability in a good sized area of effect. Game-changing if you can keep her alive for most of a fight.

The best TFT champions: Cho'gath

Cho'gath is a very similar option to Sejuani, only he fits into a different composition. If you're running a Void team Cho'gath is a must, with the other three not really fitting together brilliantly. He's best for Void-Assassin comps, as you can get the Brawler perk by combining him with Rek'sai (who's underwhelming but useful as a tank or distraction), and Kha'zix, who gets the Assassin side of things rolling early. Void-Assassin perks have great synergy, and combine that with Cho'gath providing great tanking capabilities with a huge area-of-effect crowd control, he's an amazing, must-pick option for that comp.

The best TFT champions: Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is a must-pick for Sorceror compositions in the late game. He's reasonably priced at 4 gold, and relatively available, we've found, although there's often a lot of competition for him in the carousel stages. His strength comes from his special ability which does huge damage in a wide line in front of him. Keep him protected and stocked-up on items and a level 2 Aurelion Sol will be enough. Great if you can get the Dragon-origin bonus of being totally resistant to magic damage, as then a bit of armour will make him surprisingly durable, and Shyvana acts as nice tanking cover for him, too!

The best TFT champions: Brand

With Demons on the up-and-up in the meta, Brand is a stellar pick if you need some serious damage added to your team.

As a 4 gold champion, he's on the pricey side, but his ultimate ability more than justifies the cost. Creating a fireball that bounces around the enemy team, brand is excellent at dealing with pesky backline champions. Stick him with more demon-origin units to stop enemy abilities from going off, or make us of the elementalist-origin to provide him with a giant powerful tank ally - either way Brand is a game-changer.

The best TFT champions: Gnar

Gnar is a great crowd-controlling tank. He needs a bit of help from items - ideally something to boost attack speed or mana to get him transforming as quickly as possible - but as long as he doesn't get popped by an assassin early on he can completely change a game for you, stunning and damaging an entire enemy team on the regular. Pair with Shyvana and Nidalee for the bonus health, put tanky items on him and then build carries into the rest of the team, and you'll do very well.

The best TFT champions: Swain

Swain is expensive and rare, but also phenomenally powerful even when totally outnumbered. Here's a video highlighting just how ludicrously strong he can be at tier 2 with the right items (yes, he kills an entire 9-champion team on his own).

(Korean Stream) TFT Streamer Tournament Highlight: Swain 1vs9. from r/TeamfightTactics

Pair him with Imperials or Demons or Nobles, whatever you can - the video above says it all, really!

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