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What's Shenmue doing in zombie Yakuza?

Forklift fun.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA's bizarre PlayStation 3-exclusive Yakuza game Of the End includes a reference to perhaps the most beloved Dreamcast title of all time: Shenmue.

Tattooed Yakuza star Kazuma Kiryu can ride forklifts in the zombie game. Ring any bells, Shenmue fans?

That's according to this week's issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu (translated by Siliconera), which also reveals the inclusion of tanks, armoured cars and bulldozers in the Yakuza spin-off.

There are also fire extinguishers and pitching machines, you know, for laughs. Sounds a bit Dead Rising, doesn't it?

More serious weapons include a chainsaw, rail gun and flamethrower. Each character has his or her own type of gun or gun arm, Famitsu reveals.

SEGA announced Of the End last September. It sees familiar franchise faces Kazuma, Goro, Ryuji and Shun ditch their mobster day jobs to protect the streets of Kamurocho from hordes of zombies. Really.

No word yet on when Yakuza: Of The End will arrive on these shores or for which platforms, but Yakuza is typically Sony-exclusive, and seeing as the excellent Yakuza 4 isn't due here until the spring, we may have a wait on our hands.

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