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What is Scribblenauts Remix?

Warner Bros. nabs new domain.

Scribblenauts Remix, a new website domain registered this week by publisher Warner Bros., could point to a new game in the puzzle-solving series.

But does the registration (spotted by Superannuation) suggest a completely new title or a remix of the two existing DS games?

If the latter, could developer 5th Cell be cobbling together a quick compilation for 3DS? Or will it jump ship to set the pint-sized type-what-you-want-to-see platformer sailing onto iOS instead?

Expanding Scribblenauts to another platform would not be unexpected - 5th Cell CEO Jeremiah Slaczka previously told Eurogamer the developer had "achieved everything" it wanted "as far as what the Nintendo DS can do."

The original Scribblenauts scored a respectable 7/10 upon its launch in October 2009. A sequel, Super Scribblenauts, followed a year later and went one better, snatching a Eurogamer 8/10.

Super Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS.