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Watch us play Dustforce from 5pm UK time

Out on Vita and PS3 this week.

Guess what! Stylish and exacting janitorial platformer Dustforce is getting released on PS3 and Vita this week - today in North America and tomorrow here in Europe - courtesy of Capcom and original indie developer Hitbox. It has cross-play support for cloud saving and cross-platform multiplayer, too.

Here's Marsh Davies, in our original PC review of the game from two years ago, to explain why you should care:

"As with fellow hardcore platformers N+ and Super Meat Boy, Dustforce can feel a little like punishment - and for those of us whose gaming powers are in decline, its unforgiving progression system and the highly visible scolding of the leaderboards seem like a heartless reminder of failure. It is not, then, a game for those with anger management issues. But even when convulsed with fury, it's hard not to admire the pat precision of the controls or deny the transcendent joy of a high-ranking run.

"Those with an addiction to high scores will love the many hours they spend smashing themselves repeatedly against the levels' pitiless design. And those who aren't up for the challenge? Dustforce will just take them to the cleaners".

It's nails, then. All the better to show up to our Twitch stream of the PS3 version at 5pm GMT today to watch Ian humiliate himself, or cover himself in glory, as appropriate. Also broadcasting in the magic portal below.

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