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Out on Vita and PS3 this week.

Guess what! Stylish and exacting janitorial platformer Dustforce is getting released on PS3 and Vita this week - today in North America and tomorrow here in Europe - courtesy of Capcom and original indie developer Hitbox. It has cross-play support for cloud saving and cross-platform multiplayer, too.

Dustforce Review

Dustforce Review

Bitter-sweep victory.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so the saying goes. And yet, while I wouldn't deny the deep sense of spiritual well-being instilled by a freshly bleached toilet pan, I can't claim to feel very zen after playing Dustforce, a time-attack platformer which takes tidying as its theme.

In fact, I very nearly bit through one of my knuckles while unleashing a gargle of vowel sounds at such a high volume that my neighbour came round to check I was OK. But Dustforce doesn't care about "OK". It only wants "flawless". It wants, in the game's own dark lexicon, the vaunted "S/S" rating.

Dustforce's levels make two demands: firstly that you must clear each environment of the muck which encrusts its floors, walls and ceilings, and secondly that you must do so with finesse. The former is the easy part - the first and lesser S of S/S. Your character, an unusually nimble janitor (a ninjanitor, perhaps?), need only scoot over the dead leaves or dust trails to dissipate them, deploying quick and heavy attacks to dislodge more stubborn clumps and deal with the occasional enemies - creatures corrupted and controlled by the accumulated filth.

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