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Watch: Is Wild Run the reason to return to The Crew?

Gameplay and impressions of Ubisoft's open world expansion.

Back when The Crew launched at the tail-end of last year, I felt like we were pretty much alone in enjoying the open world online racer, but it turns out we weren't the only ones turned on by the Test Drive Unlimited spiritual successor. Some 3 million people have played it, apparently, and it's done well enough not only for Ubisoft to acquire developer Ivory Tower, but also for a significant expansion to be prepped for release this November.

I got to spend a handful of hours playing it earlier this month, and thoroughly enjoyed what's been brought to the table - four new disciplines, with monster trucks, drift cars, drag cars and motorbikes all being added to the fray, as well as a sprinkling of new modes, dynamic weather and a graphical overhaul. It's enough to make me want to return to The Crew's vast take on America, but is it enough to get a whole new load of players in? Of that I'm not so sure, as some of The Crew's other problems - slightly stiff handling and a general clunkiness to the whole thing - haven't really been addressed.

Still! There's an awful lot to enjoy in Wild Run, by the looks of things, and you can see some of that in action in the lovingly packaged video that's below.

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