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Watch Shuhei Yoshida brave Bloodborne's hardest challenges

"This is my second Platinum Trophy ever," says Sony exec.

You've got to give it to Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida; the man's got charisma. He's not afraid to show humility whether he's eating a habanero pepper or dying repeatedly at Bloodborne.

"I couldn't stop playing it," Yoshida said of From Software's horror opus on the latest episode of PlayStation Underground. A cynic could call that a cheap marketing ploy, but I like to believe it comes from the heart, especially after Yoshida admitted to secretly playing Dark Souls at work. (His character kept dying during pesky business calls.)

Yoshida favours Ludwig's Holy Blade and Eileen The Crow's feathery garb for his Strength-focused build.Watch on YouTube

"This is my second platinum trophy ever," the charming exec boasted. His first was from Hannah Montana: The Movie on PS3, which PlayStation Underground sent him a copy of upon hearing that he didn't have a single Platinum Trophy. Apparently it only took him four or five hours to snag, as it's a significantly easy one to get.

That's not the case with Bloodborne. To show off his mad skillz, Yoshida decided to play the game's hardest boss, the Watch Dog of the Old Lords on the second level of the Defiled Chalice Dungeon, i.e. the optional Chalice Dungeon that halves your HP upon entering it.

In this playthrough Yoshida's character is at Blood Level 172, but he claims that he first bested this boss at about Blood Level 130 or 140. He eventually snagged the Platinum Trophy at level 150. Clearly, you don't become the president of Sony Worldwide Studios by sucking at video games.

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