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Watch Overwatch's second animated short, Alive

Starring Widowmaker.

Overwatch's second animated short is all about Widowmaker, the game's cold-hearted assassin lady. She's french and well into spiders.

These shorts, intended to flesh out the backstory of Overwatch's heroes (and villains), continue to look really, very good, following last month's debut with 'Recall'.


This time around, Widowmaker, who's part of a terrorist group called Talon, aims to assassinate an important figurehead in the movement to broker peace between the robot and human populations. This figurehead, known as Mondatta, closely resembles one of Overwatch's playable heroes, Zenyatta. Why am I telling you this? Because Zenyatta Mondatta is the name of the the third album from english rock band, The Police - and I think that's good trivia.

Anyway, you can watch the six minute short below. It also features Tracer, the character that's currently got everyone talking about butts. I'm sure you'll have fun with that in the comments.

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