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Watch: Overwatch and the importance of talking to your community

Barrier destroyed!

Overwatch is a great game, even some of you think so. When it launched back in May of last year, millions of players fell in love with its heroes, its world and its loot boxes.

But making a game that people like isn't the only challenge facing developers in the world of competitive multiplayer shooters. I mean, it's a pretty good place to start, but you're only ever as strong as your last update, your last new feature. Blizzard has done a decent job on that front too, with a couple of new heroes, three new maps, the addition of competitive and arcade modes, and a variety of seasonal events throughout the year.

Yet it's something else that stands out to me, that puts Blizzard ahead of the rest of the pack. More than any other team in AAA game development, the Overwatch devs have done a phenomenal job at talking to their community. Whenever a topic blows up, from server tick rates to balance changes, the people actually making the game get in front of it. They talk like human beings about the things their playerbase cares about. And it works.

Let's have a chat about why that's so damned important. Join me in the video below!

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