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Watch Nintendo's indie spring showcase here

UPDATE: Zelda! Double Fine! Stranger Things! More!

UPDATE: Starting with the announcement of Cuphead for Switch, Nintendo used today's indie game showcase to reveal a diverse range of games coming over the next few months, including Rad, a new title from Psychonauts studio Double Fine. The biggest surprise? A mash-up of Crypt of the Necrodancer and The Legend of Zelda, starring Link and Zelda themselves.

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Other highlights include upsetting huskey dogsled adventure Red Lantern and cyberpunk uber simulator Neo Cab, due this summer:

Stranger Things 3: The Game is also heading to Switch, alongside the third season's Netflix release on 4th July:

Other announcements came thick and fast: Darkwood in May, Katana Zero on 18th April, pinball-inspired Creature in the Well this summer, Pine in August, Bloodroots this summer and Blaster Master Zero 2 for Switch today.

Vlambeer games Super Crate Box is due on Switch in April with an exclusive multiplayer mode, while Nuclear Throne is on Switch today and experimental game collection Vlambeer Arcade, which will grow over time, is due later this year.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo is holding another indie-focused games showcase this afternoon at 4pm UK time, and you can watch along here via the video below.

Note that this is not a Nintendo Direct, so you should temper any expectations you may have of seeing anything on the next Animal Crossing, or Pokémon.

Nintendo's show is timed with this week's GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Francisco, and we've already seen the announcements of Castle Crashers Remastered and many, many Konami classics headed to Switch today. We may see those announcements again - but hopefully Nintendo has some actual surprises up its sleeve.

Intriguingly, the stream will coincide with Microsoft's own GDC chat about Xbox Live, which it previously said would include some kind of Nintendo Switch support - although this is something Microsoft has since shied away from. Could Microsoft roll out some kind of Game Pass subscription model, still? We'll have to wait and see.

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