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Watch Mortal Kombat X's three new Brutalities

Positively smashing!

A recent Mortal Kombat X update has added three new Brutalities to the comically gruesome fighting game.

As demonstrated by YouTuber C88 MiZxFiT, players can now use the sledgehammer in the Quan Chi Fortress level for a Gallagher-like head smashing.

Cover image for YouTube videoMortal Kombat X: Quan Chi Fortress Stage Brutality

Meanwhile, on the Kuatan Jungle stage you can now ram your opponent's head into the relics adorning the background.

Cover image for YouTube videoMortal Kombat X: Kuatan Jungle Stage Brutality

And finally, in the Kove stage there's a new Brutality that lets you punch your foe into the ocean, as demonstrated by YouTuber Bruno Guedes.

Cover image for YouTube videoMortal Kombat X - New Stage Brutality "A Enseada"

Of course, none of these are as great as the finishing move that involves throwing an old woman at an opponent, who she proceeds to beat the everliving s*** out of.

Eurogamer contributor Maddy Myers found Mortal Kombat X to be something of a guilty pleasure. "I love this game for the same reason that Sonya still falls for Johnny Cage's bulls***: the fuzz guitars, the lightning bolts, the strawberry-jam blood stains, and the action movie hyperbole," she said in her Mortal Kombat X review. "If you don't know why anybody likes that stuff, then you're not going to like this game - but if you're ready to fall in love all over again, Mortal Kombat X awaits."