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Mortal Kombat X's old lady fights back with her own Brutality

Super Gran.

Mortal Kombat X's Blanche is the old lady who pops up in the background of the fighting game's Outworld Marketplace arena. She is a "Level Interaction", meaning players can grab her and smash her against their opponent. Since Mortal Kombat X's launch, using poor old Blanche to smash up your foe has always left her in a bloody heap on the ground.

No more.

Developer NetherRealm recently updated Mortal Kombat X and gave Blanche a new stage Brutality, as it's called. In the video, below, Maximilian Dood explains how to trigger it:

The result: Blanche smashes your opponent's face in before standing up to calmly wipe the bloody brains from her face.

I always wondered where Super Gran ended up. Now we know.

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