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Watch Julian Gollop and Ken Levine play a match of Chaos Reborn

"Fanboi squeal!"

XCOM creator Julian Gollop is currently raising money to create Chaos Reborn, his turn-based fantasy strategy remake of the cult classic original.

The Kickstarter is ticking along: $122,870 has been raised with 12 days to go. Gollop's asking for $180,000.

The Kickstarter pitch video included an endorsement from BioShock creator Ken Levine, who lists Gollop as one of his favourite game designers of all time.

Now, we have a new video showing Ken Levine playing Julian Gollop at his own game, courtesy of UnstableVoltage. It's a multiplayer prototype that is far from finished, but it gives us a good idea of how competitive Chaos Reborn will work.

We won't spoil it for you. See what happens in the 30 minute video below. There's plenty of chat about the design of the game, too.

Cover image for YouTube videoChaos Reborn - 3 Player Gameplay with Ken Levine & Julian Gollop