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Watch: Johnny plays Tomb Raider, nearly explodes

Late to the Party gets angry.

Tomb Raider turned 20 this week, if Wes' lovely article on how the franchise got started didn't tip you off.

I never played Tomb Raider as a child, though in the interests of full disclosure I did give it a quick go a few years back. Nonetheless, not having any fond memories of Lara Croft's grave robbing adventures to speak of, now seemed like the right time to revisit Tomb Raider for an episode of Late to the Party.

In hindsight, I'm not sure Aoife knew what she was letting herself in for.

Watch on YouTube

Fair warning, the video above contains quite a few swears, alongside some awful platforming, several dead wolves and an alarmingly good cockney accent. Turns out Aoife Wilson could easily pass as Eliza Doolittle. Who knew?

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