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Watch: Johnny plays Crusader Kings 2 for the first time, sleeps with daughter-in-law

Late to the Party gets Machiavellian.

Until this week, I had never played Crusader Kings 2 before. Also until this week, I liked to think of myself as a fundamentally good person. Neither of those things is true any more.

As I discovered in this week's Late to the Party, Crusader Kings 2 is much more than a deep strategy game with a near-impenetrable user interface - it's also a monstrous tool for self reflection, holding a mirror up to the player and forcing them to acknowledge what a destructive, immoral charlatan they truly are.

All of which is to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time trying to become the king of Ireland in Crusader Kings 2 and that I'm looking forward to playing some more now I have it installed on my PC. If you'd like to see just how awful I can be - and how excited Chris Bratt can get at the prospect of patricide - give the video below a watch.

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If you have any particularly strong memories of plotting to kill your family members - in Crusader Kings 2, that is - feel free to share them in the comments below.

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