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Watch: Johnny cooks peanut butter nachos from Overwatch

"Through the miracle of science!"

I'm not entirely sure how many games of Overwatch I've played since it launched last year, but it certainly feels like a lot. There's something about Blizzard's shooter that keeps me coming back for more, even as a long-suffering support main.

With so many games under my belt, I can't quite believe it took me so long to spot a poster for peanut butter nachos hanging on the wall of the Hollywood map. Adorned with a banana, it seems the advert for peanut butter nachos is aimed specifically at Overwatch's gun-toting gorilla Winston. Intrigued, I decided to make a batch for myself and see if they were any good.

The results were quite surprising - while certainly not something I'd order with every trip to the cinema, peanut butter nachos aren't as bad as you might think. You can see exactly how they turned out in the video below and, if you fancy making them for yourself, you can follow the recipe below that.

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Peanut butter nachos


1 bag tortilla chips, plain or lightly salted

2(ish) tablespoons peanut butter

1 banana

Cheese, to taste (I used cheddar and unholy nacho cheese goo)


Line an oven friendly dish with tortilla chips.

Slice the banana thinly and scatter evenly over the tortillas.

Distribute the peanut butter evenly over the tortillas - a series of small blobs will do.

Cover with cheese and bake in a hot oven until bubbling.

Be careful - the banana retains a lot of heat, so you may want to leave these to cool for a few minutes before serving.

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