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Watch: Hands-on with Overwatch's new heroes at Blizzcon

But will you have to buy new heroes after release?

As well as using Blizzcon to confirm the Overwatch console release that we all sort of knew was almost definitely going to happen, Blizzard also lifted the lid on three new characters coming to the game.

Genji, Mei & D.Va will be whizzing their way into the closed beta in the next week or so, and our man at Blizzcon Chris Bratt has already had a chance to muck around with them. Take a look at the video below to see how he got on.

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What about future heroes introduced after the game's launch? Will you need to pay for them? Grind out some kind of currency for them? Chris tackled the issue with the developers yesterday evening, but didn't exactly come away feeling satisfied. His report below explains all.

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To stay on top of all the latest developments, take a look at our dedicated Overwatch site at MetaBomb.